Ready to create the life you truly desire and move beyond what's been blocking you?    

Together we can transform your life, clearing limiting assumptions and busting through blocks that have held you back so that you can start living a life that turns you on filled with purpose and wonder!

Hi, I'm Carolina

Welcome! First off, I acknowledge you for making your way to my page and saying yes to coaching! This means you are ready to shift some patterns and uplevel your life; truly saying yes to what it is you desire and I celebrate you in that. It is my highest excitement to guide people like you who are ready to take action and design a life that turns them on! Coaching is your container for transformation and everything we do together will be in service to your goals. Coaching is an art in a way where we ask powerful questions that illicit and bring your own innate wisdom forward. From this place, we can create a life that is entirely aligned, and uniquely yours. A life that lights you up! It takes courage to walk this path, and I honor you for taking this first step. Coaching is about going from good to great and moving past our preconceived conditioning, and upgrading our mindset and developing emotional mastery so that we can live life ON purpose. It is my honor to serve as a guide in that transformation.


Our work together

I am dedicated to supporting you in getting free so that you can create a life filled with purpose and wonder that excites you! 

A life that is woven by your unique values and interests, and is entirely aligned with who you are. I am here to guide you towards the transformation your heart has been calling for. 

My coaching methodology is

not a one-size-fits all approach.

I use an integrated approach to coaching that typically starts off with awareness moving into acceptance and ending with aligned action. Within this broader frame we will using mindset work, emotional mastery work, somatic work, and behavioral work. 

Everyone is different in their needs, and goals and I cater the coaching journey to whatever is most alive for you. 

In order to get to the root cause, I employ an inside out approach. First we will look at thoughts that are creating emotions, which then create feelings, and ultimately behaviors. We work from the heart to the head. 

I find that having an equal focus on the body as well as the mind is important as sometimes we can simply energetically resolve limitations without getting the thinking mind involved. 

The one thing that all of my work has in common is that we focus on the root of your challenge to create lasting and sustainable change. Once we discover the root, and work to heal the relationship with this "blockage" it ultimately becomes your best friend, a stepping on your path to fulfill your desires.



                                                 In service to your growth,




Client Testimonials

Jessica Hernandez


Phoenix Massage

Carolina has helped me in more ways that I could have imagined. I am so grateful for our time working together. I feel more aligned than ever and have broken through the patterns that kept me playing small and not going after my dreams.


Kevin Oliveira

Kev Ohm Entertainment

As a self-employed musician I have struggled taking the next steps to secure a more stable income. Carolina has helped me brainstorm new outlets for income that absolutely light me up like and 2022 has been my best year yet. I have never invested so much in myself and am meeting my production goals as well.


Hilary Carlisle

Yoga Off the Mat

I can def say that Carolina's workshop has helped me softening into acceptance as MANY things come up. I really got a big ah-ha shift around the way my perfectionist tendencies are actually serving me and I don't have to beat myself up about having them. I guess something bigger shifted because I'm about to teach a class right now and the energy going into it feels completely different. I honestly and amazingly feel safe to show up as I am without the self criticism of a perfectionist. Thank you!

Acceptance Bootcamp Testimonial

Hi Carolina. I wanted to thank you for your workshop yesterday- it was very helpful and I got a lot out of it. This morning I woke up and Karen (perfectionism) showed up as I reflected on my new roles at work, fear of disappointing the people I respect and love, etc.. I practiced the journaling technique which somehow made me feel calm about what I was feeling and move on to the next part of my day without lingering on the thoughts for long. As I was writing a response from a “motherly” voice, I had a realization that this is somewhat painful for me because of past experiences in my life that were not nurturing, therefore it is hard to direct that type of voice towards myself, or hear it when others share it with me. It felt empowering to direct it towards myself, and I am realizing I am the one I need to hear this from, and for me, the major work to be done is to change my inner dialogue and open myself up to feel the words.