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How to make friends with your inner critic.

The inner-critic has a bad rap. Let's see whats under the hood and what it really wants for you.

As humans, we tend to reject and resist the parts of ourselves that don't feel good, but unknowingly we are actually holding them in place so that we cannot really heal and integrate these parts into our psyche and nervous system.

Are you ready to welcome more harmony and peace into your life. Well, transforming your relationship to the inner critic is a great place to start.

So... what does the inner critic really want for you?

Let's imagine for a moment that everything in life is intelligently designed and orchestrated to serve your highest good. That would mean that this same principle applies to the inner critic too, right?

So let's try on this new and empowering mindset for a moment and ask ourselves a few questions.

How is your inner critic trying to serve me?

What does it truly want for me underneath all of the mind chatter?

We are stepping away from the perspective that the inner critic is something to get rid of, and moving toward the perspective that it is actually something to embrace. Let me show you.

I'm going to share my personal experience around my own relationship to my own inner critic to provide context and a grounded example.

I used to encounter thoughts like these before I made the shift into entrepreneurship starting Be You Disco and my life coaching business
  • You are not doing enough

  • You lack commitment to your goals

  • You'll never leave your stable cushy job and start the business of your dreams.

Now how was my inner critic trying to serve me?

Well, it's deepest desire for me was for me to live my life in alignment with my highest values which are spiritual development and personal growth, and to have a fulfilling life. What a beautiful intention.

Of course this is what I wanted for myself too, so once I saw this deeper intention behind this pattern of thought, I wouldn't get lost in them or identify with them and could actually make amends with my critic knowing it wants the same things for me that I want for myself.

Many times our critic is trying to motivate us to a goal that we truly desire, but it is doing so in an ineffective way that can be hurtful.

Once we see how it is trying to serve us, we can thank it for its service and simply upgrade our approach knowing that the inner critic is running on really outdated software.

Being at “war” with the inner critic simply adds another layer of resistance, and when there is resistance our energy gets locked up keeping these patterns in place.

Compassion will always be more productive in helping these patterns and thoughts move through and integrate so that they don't show up in our lives as often or take us out of the game as easily

If you'd like to dive deeper into this work, I invite you to apply for a complimentary 1:1 Clarity Session. This is a free 60-minute coaching session where we discover your vision for your future and do a little transformational work around what's been blocking you. You can apply here !

In gratitude,


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