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Overcoming fear of failure and success?

This post will help you overcome the fear of failure and reframe it so that it no longer holds you back.

We can't have success without failure and the sooner we embrace failure the sooner we will embrace success.

The thing with failure is that whatever we feel we have failed at that goes unresolved can manifest as a future fear. We hold onto that past experience and project it onto the future fearing it will happen again which keeps us from making the bold moves that can shift our lives.

Fear can only hold us back (if we let it). Fear may hold us back from starting a new business, switching careers, asking the person you like out on a date, investing in ourselves, getting the gym membership, or starting a committed self-care practice.

"Failing is an integral part of success. If you haven't failed, you haven't learned from failure, which means you are less likely to succeed. Failure is a stepping stone on the road to success."

Instead of viewing the perceived failure as bad, we can choose to view it as a stepping stone in our journey to success. Failure is how we learn.

With each failure we become more well-rounded and wise and we can choose to use this for our own empowerment instead of getting stuck in judging it as something bad, shameful, or wrong. Wisdom and being able to pivot based on this new learnings brings success.

This 4-step process will help to reframe failure so that you can move forward with an open heart and with full force. ✨

1. Write down something you feel that you have failed at?

Get present and think of the scenarios or things you think you failed at. When you are ready grab a pen and paper and write down all of the things you feel that you SHOULD have done or SHOULD NOT have done. That's right, I am encouraging to SHOULD on yourself, but just for this short moment. Let is flow.

Choose the statement that has the most emotional charge.

For example: I shouldn't have lost my job.

2. Now let's take that Should or Shouldn't have statement and look again with a fresh perspective. Ask yourself...

Can I absolutely know that this was a failure with 100% certainty? (Yes or no)

To drive this point further, think about all of the times that things felt like a failure and then in hindsight ended up working even better for you! Hindsight is 20/20.

3. Let's imagine for a moment that everything in life is intelligently designed and orchestrated to serve your highest good.

✨ In what ways can you find this experience to have worked for you? Write them down.

✨ Now identify what you learned from this experience. What new insights do you have after having experienced this?

4. Forgive yourself for the judging this experience or yourself as a failure and state your new and empowered truth.

Fill in the blanks: I forgive myself for buying into the misunderstanding that ……………. was a failure, the truth is………

Example: I forgive myself for buying into the misunderstanding that losing my job makes me a failure, the truth is that I am resourceful and that position wasn't in alignment with what I value and there are far more aligned opportunities for me that I am going for now.

With every failure comes new experience and when we learn from that experience it turns to wisdom. Instead of focusing on the negative, bring your attention to the learnings and embody them moving forward.

Your power resides in your perspective and your ability to change perspectives.

If you'd like to dive deeper into this work, I invite you to apply for a complimentary 1:1 Clarity Session. This is a free 60-minute coaching session where we discover your vision for your future and do a little transformational work around what's been blocking you. You can apply here !

In gratitude,


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