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Design your Turn-on Life

A 12-week 1:1 coaching immersion for people that are ready to free up their energy from any lingering blocks or resentments, and do their inner work so that they can show up powerfully in their lives designing a life that is authentic to their values and turns them on!

The Design Your Turn-on Life Coaching Program is for you if you are ready to:

✨ Take aligned action on your vision for the future.

✨ Free up your energy by setting sustainable boundaries in your life.

✨ Take radical responsibility for your feelings and thoughts and use everything to free you.

✨ Free yourself from limiting assumptions and self-judgments

✨ Get clear on your vision for your future and go for it!

✨ Create an aligned action plan for how to get there! 

✨ Learn to love yourself more completely - regardless of if you hit your goals.

✨ Build a strong foundation of self-love enabling you to take greater risks. 

✨Experience deeper fulfillment in life and live your purpose


If you are ready for SUSTAINABLE change this transformational experience is for you. Transformation does not happen over night and takes dedication and most importantly self-awareness. This container is here to support you in transforming your blocks into the stepping stones that will get you to your next level.  

During this container I will support you in:

  • Values and Vision Work

  • Setting Conscious Goals

  • Uncovering the root of your blocks and what's been holding you back.

  • Taking personal responsibility in all areas of your life and taking your power back to make sustainable change. 

  • Emotional, Somatic, Unconscious, and Mindset work.

  • Releasing judgments and limiting assumptions of yourself and others. 

  • Transforming your relationship to those blocks and taking dominion over your life again.

  • Upgrading your mindset and cultivating more acceptance and self-love in your life

Your relationship to yourself will change drastically and you will receive the tools so that you can be self-sufficient. My goal is for you to be able to gain self-mastery so that you do not need to depend on a coach as new goals and challenges present themselves in your life. We will work with tools that will serve you in: 

⫸ Emotional Mastery

⫸ Unconscious Reprogramming 

⫸ Somatic Sensing

⫸ Behavioral Change

⫸ Mindset Reframing

The Details: 

Frequency: We will meet once per week for 90 minutes for 12 weeks.


Spot Coaching & Support: You will have access to me and ongoing support during this container via Whats App. I will reply within 24 hours to ensure you are held during this containers. 

Challenges & Homework: Working with me is like enrolling in a customized graduate program. There will be homework and challenges along the way that will support you in reaching your goals. 

If you this is a resounding yes for you, or you are ready to learn more. I'd like to invite you into a complimentary 1-hour session to see if this program will be in service to you. Please fill out the short application and book your session using the button below.

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