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Hi, I'm Carolina

Life & Transformation Coach

Welcome! I'm excited to share my story with you and I am so glad you are here!

First off, I have been my own best coaching client since 2015. That was the year that I dove head first into personal and spiritual development and fell in love with the feeling of creating more freedom in my life. Little did I know at that time that I would be helping people through the same transformation. 

In my experience,  in order to be a great coach you must learn to be your own best client first.


Once you have guided yourself through your own desired transformation you can guide others from a truly authentic and embodied place.


I went from feeling completely unfulfilled in my career, feeling lost, anxious, afraid of being seen, and having a fierce inner critic to starting two businesses that are entirely aligned with my values and that I love and learning to be far more compassionate and accepting of myself.

My focus was on how much I disliked my situation instead of channeling that energy into how to create a new one, and this caused me to bobble around in this dissatisfied state for years. 

I knew I wanted to feel like I was doing something purposeful, and I also found myself coming up against many obstacles including: imposter syndrome, lack of clarity, indecision, overwhelm, and procrastination. 


I was finally able to break through these blocks once I adopted an entirely new way of being with myself. I learned to reparent these parts of me that were scared and insecure, and reassure them that they were safe as I decided to take bold moves in my life. 


I learned to accept myself fully and have tools that could help me move stuck emotions or fear. I was able to reframe my relationship to these undesired blocks so that they wouldn't get in my way anymore. 


Now it took me years and some massive investments in myself to get there, and I want to help you jumpstart this process. It does not have to take that long and I have worked with many women who were able to gain clarity, confidence, and fulfillment all within 3-months. 

In 2020 I started Be You Disco, whose mission is to transcend social and societal barriers that keep people separate and unearth our common humanity and goodness. Whether it be a private celebration or corporate team building, our wellness journeys are designed to connect us to our baseline humanity and cultivate a sense of wonder and celebration for life.


Be You Disco was truly the culmination of all my highest values into one company. I have always had a high value on spiritual development, bringing people together, and authenticity.

 Being on the other side, I can tell you that business is a portal to spiritual liberation and if you are willing to walk the path less known towards your authentic fulfillment, there will be so much healing along the way.


You will undoubtedly step outside of your comfort zone, and that is when all of our insecurities show up and there is so much healing that can happen by following our heart and our dreams. Mindset shifts, letting go of limiting beliefs, somatic healing, and emotional mastery all are a part of this transformative process.

When we change our internal landscape, our external life starts to mirror it. Lasting change happens from the inside out.


Today, I absolutely love what I get to do and I am so privileged to be the caretaker of these two businesses. I am infinitely more free, more empowered, and self-accepting of myself and others. I have tools that will serve me for my entire life and I want the same thing for you.

It is an honor to guide women, just like myself, that are ready to create massive change and and are ready to cross that bridge into the unknown towards fulfillment and joy. 

I love this work so much and my promise to myself and you is that I am constantly evolving. I am committed to expanding my knowledge and development and to being the most empowered, compassionate, and authentic version of myself.

If you are ready to step into the life you desire, my invitation is for you to book a free Clarity Session with me. We will dive into your vision, the blocks that have been coming up for you, and see what's really possible in your life. 

With love,



  • Certified Life Coach | Institute of Coaching Mastery

  • Founder & CEO Be You Disco

  • Trained in The Demartini Method 

  • Meditation Guide

  • Journey Dance Certified Embodiment Facilitator

  • Dao Yin Yoga Certified Instructor

  • Masters in Entrepreneurship (MSE)

  • Bachelors in Finance (BSBA-FIN)

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