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Life & Transformation Coach

Thank you for taking some time to learn more about me. I have been my own best coaching client since 2015. That was the year that I dove head first into personal and spiritual development and fell in love with the space and the transformation that I began to see in my own life.


I believe that in order to be a great coach, you must learn to be your own best client first, and once you have guided yourself you can guide others! I am still my own best client to this day! 

I have transformed my own life overcoming blocks such as the fear of being seen, imposter syndrome, not having clarity on my purpose, leaving a 9 to 5 job to pursue my dreams, harboring judgments and resentments that were hurting me and many others. What I can tell you is that t feels infinitely more free, and more loving on the other side and I want that for you as well.


It is my honor to guide people that are ready to create change and ready to break patterns across that bridge into the unknown. To help you design a life that get's you excited to jump out of bed and turns you on!


Carolina is certified with the Institute of Coaching Mastery and is skilled in an integrative coaching method that focuses on all levels including: somatic, emotional, mindset, behavioral, and unconscious levels. 

Having these integrated tools allows me to go deep working with the root cause of any blocks that may be coming up.  


In 2020 she started Be You Disco, a company that bridges the gap between people, communities, and companies through using dance as a tool. Her mission is to bring about empathy and celebrate our differences through our common humanity through dance and music. She underwent a number of embodiment trainings to learn how to profoundly guide people through these experiences.

She has invested in her own development and growth, and is dedicated to liberating herself and her clients from perceived limitations and blockages. She is constantly undergoing new trainings to expand herself and her coaching.

If you are ready to release limiting assumptions, and free up energy  to design the life you truly desire it will be my honor to guide you towards that transformation!

Credentials & Continued Education

Certified Life Coach | Institute of Coaching Mastery

Founder & Lead Facilitator Be You Disco

Trained in The Demartini Method 

Trained in Couples Polarity

Corporate Speaker

Journey Dance Certified Embodiment Facilitator

Dao Yin Yoga Certified Instructor

Masters in Entrepreneurship (MSE)

Bachelors in Finance (BSBA-FIN)

Meditation Guide

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