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The most powerful question you can ask yourself…

This mindset hack will have you questioning all of the painful thoughts that bring about suffering and getting free from them.

Our minds are meaning making machines. They filter reality and try to make sense of what is happening around us.

As the mind is doing its job trying to make sense of things, many times it jumps to conclusions and assumes that its hypothesis is indeed a fact. This gets us into trouble.

For example: Let's say you see someone you know at the farmers market and you wave at them, but they don't wave back. You feel a bit awkward and your mind starts trying to make meaning of the situation. It might say.

  • Oh wow, that was rude. They are ignoring me and probably don't like me.

  • Did I do something to upset them?

  • Next time I see them I won't be as warm, I will close my heart to that person .

In this example our mind jumps to conclusions and believes them to be true which then causes us anxiety and pain. You might notice that these conclusions also make us close our hearts to this person which only hurts us in the end.

So how do we counteract this? By asking ourselves the most powerful question "What else could be true."

Now what if we took this belief into inquiry instead. What if we questioned our mind instead of letting its first crack at making sense of reality be a fact. This is what that might look like:

  • You: What else could be true? What other options exist outside of they are ignoring me and don't like me?

  • Mind: Let me see. Umm, well perhaps they might not be wearing glasses so they didn't see me.

  • You: What else could be true?

  • Mind: Perhaps they just didn't see me?

When we question our mind and don't believe its conclusions to be facts, the world becomes a much kinder place and we save ourselves from unnecessary anxiety and hurt that comes from believing our assumptions.

Next time you feel triggered, or have a hurtful or negative thought I invite you to ask yourself these questions… Is it true OR What else could be true?

Know that the mind is doing the best it can to make sense of things, but if it were to be accurate we would hear the thoughts inside ourselves as “Did that person just ignore me?” instead of state it as a fact “that person is ignoring me." We would hear it as a question rather than a statement.

All thoughts can be questioned and there is a lot of freedom on the other side of doing this kind of mindset work.

This work is especially impactful with any judgments we might carry about our family members. Next time you find yourself having a judgmental thought about someone from your family I invite you to use this tool and questions it.

You just might find a truth that feels better and allows you to open your heart towards them even more.

If you are ready to clear the limiting beliefs, the judgments, and anything that has caused you to close your heart apply for a complimentary clarity session. My 1:1 coaching program will take you on a journey towards liberating your mindset and greater peace.

With gratitude,


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