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What if you don't know your purpose.. What next?

How to find clarity around what you value and your purpose if you are feeling stuck.

My intention here is to help you gain clarity on your values. Many times people think that finding purpose means a specific line of work, and what I have found is that this is simply not true. #purpose #fulfillment #values

What is Purpose?

“Purpose is when we are expressing our values to the fullest in ALL areas of our lives. In our relationships, with family, with work, spirituality, etc.”

If I have a high value on connection yet feel isolated at work, it will not feel fulfilling. If i can find a way to feel and be more engaged and connected at work it will start to feel fulfilling. For example (asking a co-worker to lunch 1/week or joining a committee to get involved)… These are simple changes that can make a big difference in feeling more deeply fulfilled.

And most of the times when my clients say they lack clarity and are trying to find purpose, they are actually far more clear on what they value in life than they actually give off..

Sometimes we just need to start looking at purpose from the lens of “values” rather than a specific job title which can make us feel stuck.

Ask yourself these questions to discover your values and purpose. (aka what bring you joy)

  • What don't you like about your current work or situation. Write it down and flip it to your opposite. (these are high-values)

  • What would you be doing if you had absolutely no fear?

  • What activities give you energy?

  • If you were a stranger who walked into your home, what do you notice most about this person? (Do they have a lot of books, do they eat organic food) - we can derive a person's values from this.

  • Which items stand out as items that you use the most?

  • What do you spend the most money on?

  • What are your craving more of? In which areas of your life does this show up?

Once you have journaled you might start to see some repeating values. The ones that repeat the most are your highest values.

For example: a sense of community might give you energy yet you feel you are lacking that at work. How can you either shift your current situation to express that value more fully at work, or ensure that your next job includes this value?

Another example: Personal development might be a high value for you, however you don't feel like you are expressing it in your relationship with your partner. How can you bring this value into this area of your life? Perhaps by reading a book together, or having check-in dates to explore different relational topics.

I hope this exercise has helped you to gain #clarity around your values and to recognize that you don't need to make drastic life changes to create more meaning or fulfillment in your life. You simply need to express your values.

If you are ready to do the inner work and clarify your values and vision for the future, and work through the blocks that have been holding you back apply for a complimentary clarity session

With gratitude,


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